Success in superior fastfood and superb location

FIJIAN entrepreneur Jie Deng has opened his second fastfood outlet, J&R Burgers and Wraps, at the new TappooCity Lautoka complex.

For any business person, the effort to grow one’s business is usually fraught with anxiety and stress. This was not so much the case for Jie though.

Even though he had only been in the fastfood business for less than three years, Jie says he was confident from the start that it was the right move to make.

It made perfect sense, he says, because he knew the Lautoka public was eager to enjoy the new TappooCity complex.

“I knew it would be big attraction and it’s definitely a huge attraction,” says Jie.

“The atmosphere is more relaxed and it is more spacious.

“It’s really well-designed.”

The upscale shopping complex, which opened in March this year, has ramped up the spoils for locals and tourists to the Sugar City.

Jie’s calculations were spot-on: People would be drawn to explore the best shopping complex in the Western city, and were highly likely to happen by his outlet.

This means the chances were high of the shopping mall’s customers wanting to try his signature burgers or wraps are high.

Jie says all he needed was for a customer to sink their teeth into one of his fastfood meals and they would be guaranteed to return for more.

So far, the journey of J & R Burgers at the TappooCity complex has gone exactly how Jie predicted.

Little can go wrong with superior fast food done Fiji-style, and a superb location like TappooCity Lautoka, he says.

The “secret ingredients” in J & R’s batter and seasonings are the main elements that give it its superiority.

“It took me awhile to get it right; a lot of trial and error,” he laughs, recalling the meticulous attention invested into the science of it all.

Jie believes his secret mix is exactly what Fijians like.

“Our people like more flavour and I make sure I use quality ingredients to get that Fijian flavour.”

Jie is confident business at the TappoCity Complex will continue to do well.

So much so that he is already working out where next to open shop.

“I am ambitious,” says Jie. “Perhaps I am trying to make up for lost time because I started in business late.”