Case Transferred to Lautoka High Court

The accused Petero Sarogo at the Nadi Magistrate Court this afternoon. Photo: LUKE NACEI


The 36-year-old man alleged to be involved in a robbery at Media Partners in Martintar, Nadi appeared at the Nadi Magistrate Court this afternoon.

The accused Petero Sarogo appeared before Magistrate Peni Dalituicama.

He is charged with one count of aggravated burglary and one count of theft case.

The matter has been transferred to the High Court in Lautoka.

The accused asked the Court as to why the matter was referred to the Lautoka High Court.

In response Magistrate Dalituicama told the accused that his first charge which is one count of aggravated burglary can only be heard at the High Court.

It is alleged that on August 21st the suspect entered the shop and stole assorted items. CCTV footage of the alleged incident was posted up on social media.

The accused is remanded at Natabua prison and will appear at the High Court in Lautoka on the 6th of September.

Meanwhile, a 50 year-old woman alleged to have received the stolen items including a laptop is also in police custody.