Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy Management

The pioneering group of students for the newly-launched Master’s in Renewable Energy Management (MREM) programme, accompanied staff of Department of Science and Programme Coordinator Dr. Anirudh Singh (fifth from right).Photo: Uni Fiji

 The Master’s in Renewable Energy Management (MREM) programme commenced at the University of Fiji on February 13, 2017 with an initial enrolment of 12 students.

Interest in Renewable Energy has come from diverse areas of the economy, including the teaching, research and the industrial sectors. Those registered for the programme include practicing scientists, engineers and power generation project managers in addition to teachers and young University staff.

The programme is now in the second semester.

Students are actively involved in research work as part of their course assessment. In addition to the current research being carried out by students under the Centre of Renewable Energy (CORE) other areas of interest include Butoni wind farm, prospects of biodiesel production in Fiji and prospects of bioethanol production for which talks are currently underway for a possible research collaboration with the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC).

The first two courses offered in Semester 1, 2017 were coordinated by Associate Professor Anirudh Singh and included REM400: Renewable Energy Technology I (Biomass) and REM401: Renewable Energy Technology II (Wind Energy & Solar PV).                                                         

Students in semester 2 are enrolled in REM402: Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development and REM403: Energy Economics and Management (Coordinated by Dr. Ranasinghe Amaradasa).

The REM programme has also welcomed on board the Energy Policy expert – Dr. Evanthie Michalena who has been conducting some lectures on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development.