Subramani appointed AFWA Chairman

Acclaimed Fijian writer, Professor Subramani, has been elected Chairman of the Association of Fijian Writers-Artists (AFWA) , during a meeting held at University of Fiji on 23rd July 2017.

The meeting was attended by prominent academics and writers among them Professor Prem Misir, Vice Chancellor of University of Fiji, who gave the opening address, Dr.Rajat Gyaneshwar, Professor Tupeni Baba, Professor Uniasi Nabobo Baba, Dr Ganesh Chand, and a number of writers as well as young aspiring writers from Fiji National University and the University of Fiji

The meeting discussed many issues relating to Fijian literature such as the growth of writing since Fiji’s independence, readership of books in Fiji, the problems of publishing books and their distribution.