Broderick’s life changing experience

Broderick Mervyn (far left) with Group 6 members after meeting with Senator Chris Ketter of the Australian Labour Party. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Fiji youth advocate Broderick Mervyn was part of this four-day National Student Leadership Forum in Canberra, Australia from September 7-10, 2017 as a group facilitator.

The National Student Leadership Forum is a conference that brings together young leaders to discuss openly who they are and what they believe.

Becoming a good leader requires more than an imposing resume and a strong personality.

The Forum is hosted by a multi-party group of Members and Senators of the Federal Parliament, business and community leaders.

It was united by the aspiration to assist young people become solid and dynamic leaders for life.

“In order for leadership to be effective it needs to be dynamic.   It was a humbling and challenging experience for me.  The Forum provided a galaxy to explore your inner space, and allows you to develop regardless of your location.  It is the catalyst for the process of personal discovery and learning about others as young leaders learn through real encounters and shared experiences with other leaders,” Broderick said.

He said he’s formed deeper relationships with people who share your passion for a better world.

“I have made lifelong friends in this Forum and it made me realize that one can go beyond themselves and see into the lives of others.   Hearing and sharing your stories is one of the most courageous but rewarding things one can do.  Young leaders articulating their journey through life makes you understand yourself better and the people who have shaped you.  You simply discover your purpose,” Broderick said.

He adds the Forum has genuinely changed his outlook on life, and discussed leadership in a way he had never thought about before.

“It was a truly life-changing experience, and I want to give back to the Forum in some way, to ensure that this year’s delegates have just as a life-changing experience as I did a year ago.  Being a group facilitator, has helped me grow professionally, spiritually, personally and relationally,”

“These are areas that I think we occasionally overlook in our day-to-day lives, so participating in a Forum that focuses on these areas is refreshingly different,” Broderick said.