Fifteen Vaturova women leave for NZ seasonal work

The Deputy Secretary for Employment Mr. Vilimone Baledrokadroka with the Fifteen Vaturova Women ready for deployment with Turners & Growers Limited under the New Zealand RSE Work Scheme. Photo: DEPTFO.


The Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations this week farewelled and presented Pre-Departure Orientation certificates to 15 women from Tikina Vaturova of Cakaudrove, Vanua Levu.

The women will be leaving our shores today for employment opportunities in New Zealand under the Recognized Seasonal Employer (RSE) Work Scheme.

They will be employed with Turners & Growers (T&G) NZ Limited, for a duration of four months, engaged in Strawberry and Blueberry picking.

Of the 15, nine are returning workers and six are selected for the first time by the employer through the National Employment Centre (NEC) to participate under the scheme.

Deputy Secretary for Employment, Vilimone Baledrokadroka said this was a wonderful opportunity for the women to make a difference in their lives, homes and community.

“You’re an ambassador of your employer, country, community and your family. Think of those that rely on you here in Fiji while working in NZ and save as much as you can,” Baledrokadroka said.

Lanieta Lakolevu, 19 year old and the youngest returning worker who will also be re-engaged under the scheme said that her first deployment for the period of seven months with the same employer was a worthwhile opportunity for her and her siblings.

“I sent home a total of NZ$700 on a weekly basis to assist in the construction of our family home and I managed to bring back home a total of NZ$4000,” Lakolevu said.

She adds her goal this second time around is to assist in the extension of their home and school supplies for her two younger siblings in preparation for the new school year.