Elo retires from Police after 35 years of service

Acting Commissioner of Police, Rusiate Tudravu farewells former Police Director of Operations, Mr. Tito Elo last week Friday. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.


The former Director of Operations was farewelled by the Acting Commissioner of Police and the operations arm of the Fiji Police Force last week Friday.

Retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr.  Tito Elo first marched into the gates of Nasova in 1982 and has since held posts in various Units as well as a senior Instructor at the Fiji Academy.

Mr. Elo also acted as an Assistant Commissioner stepping in as the Chief Operations Officer.

In acknowledging the gesture of hosting a farewell dinner for his family, the outgoing Director asked those present to stick to the basics.

“The policing career is enjoyable as long as you stick to the basic that is all I ask of all of you will never go wrong,”

“The code of ethics that govern our work and the processes and procedures have never changed, only the individual chooses to change and that is where you will find yourself in trouble so I make this plea again to stick to the basics,’ Mr. Elo said.

In farewelling Mr. Elo, Acting Commissioner of Police, Rusiate Tudravu said the former Director will be missed by all.

“The post of the Director Operations requires someone who can walk the talk and you have certainly been a fine example to all”.

He also acknowledged the support of Mr. Elo’s family for enabling his career to withstand the many challenges.

“To Mrs. Elo the underlying success for any man’s career is the support structure we have at home and the Director Operations the Fiji Police Force had the privilege to have worked with is largely due to you and the sacrifices your family had to make in order to have him perform his duties and we are grateful to you also”.

The former Director retired from the Force late last month.