Police continues to work with faith-based organisations in addressing moral crimes

Director of Operations, SSP Maretino Qiolevu speak at the Interfaith Search Fiji last week. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.
The continuing effort by the Fiji Police Force to work with faith based organisations to address moral crimes gained momentum following an invitation to speak at the Interfaith Search Fiji panel discussion held last week.
Director of Operations, SSP Maretino Qiolevu addressed the Force’s concern on crimes against women and children and how religious organizations could assist in finding solutions.
“We have been reaching out to religious organizations because we strongly believe together we can help answer the question as to why women and children continue to be victims of sexual crime which are very often being committed by their loved ones,” SSP Qiolevu said.
He added the partnership forged with the Methodist Church has been greatly welcomed and they’ve had some of their  senior officers speaking at various affiliated gatherings.
SSP Qiolevu said officers under the Duavata Community Policing have been linking up with  the various religious organizations throughout the four policing Divisions.