Students involved in brawls will be charged: Tudravu

Two police officers out on patrol at the Suva Bus stand. Photo: POLICE MEDIA CELL.
Any student who is found to be involved in brawls will be charged if there is sufficient evidence.

This is a warning  issued by the Fiji Police Force Chief Operations Officer, ACP Rusiate Tudravu following two brawls last week.

The first incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon whereby an 18 year old was charged with assault. Officers were sent the following day to the two Suva based schools which the students attended to conduct awareness and reiterate the concerns about students involved in such incidents.
Officers were deployed to the Suva bus stand on Friday afternoon to monitor the situation whereby another fight broke out between students of the same school.
Two students and a tertiary school student were taken in for questioning and released as investigations continue.
Parents and guardians are therefore advised to speak to their children about the consequences of getting involved in these brawls as we won’t be hesitating to lay charges.