Fire wardens sharpen skills

Prouds Nadi manageress Camari Rusaqoli tries out the fire extinguisher during the practical. Photo: SUPPLIED

Occupational health and safety is a priority topic at Motibhai Group as staff members continue to upgrade their skills to handle emergency situations should it arise at the company premises.

In a recent fire safety training conducted by the National Fire Authority (NFA), 20 fire wardens who represented the various subsidiaries of Motibhai Group united to sharpen their skills on firefighting and safety response tactics.

Conducted by Sub-officer Tanoa Ledua of NFA Nadi, the fire wardens were taken through a theory and practical session for the entire day on Tuesday, September 19.

“The training conducted was just to teach the staff on what to do in case of fire emergencies,” Mr Ledua said.

Mr Ledua said the response from participants was very encouraging.

“Safety at your workplace is of paramount importance and we need the support from everyone concerned as a fire incident can be very fatal if not controlled,” Mr Ledua added.

“We work hand in hand with various stakeholders so we can minimize the number of fires that are happening right now.

“Throughout the country, the number of fires we have been handling is very high and we really need the support of business houses and individuals so that we can work together in trying to make your workplace and homes safe and fire free.”

Motibhai Group chief fire warden Sanjay Kumar thanked the NFA for partnering with the company in raising awareness for the safety of every employee in case of a fire incident.

“The training on the fire safety is very important as we need to maintain fire safety procedures and educate fellow staff on the need to take fire precautions within our workplace,” Mr Kumar said.

He said there seems to be a rise in company fires and other sort of emergency cases in workplaces and therefore the staff need to be trained to know how to manage any evacuation during an emergency.

“This training was a collaborative effort between the NFA and the Motibhai Group to educate staff on basic fire safety procedures and drills.

“We appreciate NFA’s proactive measure for businesses and stakeholders for the early mitigation of property fires and avoidance of workplace injury or loss of life through such trainings,” Mr Kumar added.

He said the training session without doubt enabled the staff to learn firefighting tactics and the relevant types of firefighting equipment to use in the event of a fire.

“I thank the company for taking the initiative and ensuring that our staff were appropriately trained to manage fire safety risks at our workplace and homes as well.”