Piped water planned for Waidradra Settlement

Waidradra resident, Mr Ilisoni Tabuyalewa carrying water to his home. Photo: SUPPLIED

Fetching water in buckets and jerry cans from a spring more about a kilometre away will soon become a thing of the past for the residents of Waidradra Settlement, Nadrau District in the Nadroga/Navosa Province, 40 kilometres away from Tavua town.

Representatives of the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) Water Development Affairs Department met with the residents and advised them that the Waidradra Water Project is included in the 2017 to 2018 budget, with construction planned for early next year

On hearing the news, Waidradra resident and father of six, Mr Ilisoni Tabuyalewa (64) said, “This is great news that we are going to get a piped drinking water system here in our settlement. I am 64 years old now and never once have I had the enjoyment of standing in front of a stand pipe that belongs to us.”

Mr Tabuyalewa said that from the time of his forefathers, they have had to carry water from the spring, sometimes on horseback, but mostly on foot.

“During times of drought, we would have to get up early to search for other sources of water, much further away. But hearing the good news from your team today, we know that our problems had been solved and we appreciate this great assistance from the Government.”

The only source of income for the Waidradra residents is by travelling to Tavua to sell their farm produce, a journey that starts at 4am in order to reach the township by 7am.

“We are so happy and we are looking forward to the day when your team will arrive here for the work to begin,” Mr Tabuyalewa told the WAF representatives.