Gounder​ ​hopeful​ ​for​ ​India​ ​World​ ​Wide​ ​Title

Miss Fiji Rep to the Miss India World Wide Archana Gounder. Photo: SUPPLIED.

As we Count Down the Days & hours before Fijis Representative to the Miss India World Wide leaves our shores for the Big Apple New York City there has been alot of preparations behind the scenes.

The Miss India Fiji Team has been working around the clock to ensure travel documents and the finer details of the trip are organised before-hand.

“Preparations have been on full force soon after Archana Gounder was names Finance Pacifics Miss India 2017 with the organising of Visa & Logistics of her Travel from Fiji to New York and we are thankful to the Embassy of the United states for Granting us visas for her travel given the short time span we had to work with.

Archana has had to juggle between her work and preparing for New York.

“I have been trying to improve my walk and also some of my steps for the talent round. I have been trying to brush up on current world events in order to be prepared for any questions that may arise during the competition ” says Ms Gounder when asked on how has her preparations been .

Gounder who is a Projects Manager at Facility Services Ltd has been overwhelmed with the support she has received from the Friends , Families and her fellow sash sisters whom she now is close to .

“Since the day of auditions for MIF my family and friends have been really supportive. And now, as I have to represent Fiji they have all joined hands to help me out in every step.It also helps having an understanding employer (Facility Services ltd) who permits me to utilize my free time to practice and prepare for this competition.

“Without their support it would have been really difficult for me to reach to this point” Archana having lived in India for close to 5 years reckons she has is at the advantage having to learn the Culture and ways of Life and living in Fiji she will incorporate the Multi culturalism that Fiji is known for in her talent.

” Fiji is a country that has multiple cultures, Strong cultural appreciation & emphasis of our rich cultural diversity is the theme I will be taking with me.

“I will be doing a traditional fusion. I will be performing a rendition of kuchipudi in conjunction with bharatnatayam. Kuchipudi is one of the eight major Indian classical dances.

My performance has various interpretations and mainly symbolizes the flavor and aesthetics of the rich Indian culture. The steps change pace throughout the routine as a symbol of the dynamic cultural change prevalent in today’s

Pressure from Westernization has forced our youth to live their lives a certain way.

“My advice youths would be for them to follow their dreams and not be bogged down bywhat is expected of them. We must step out of our comfort zones and take a chance to make a difference in the world.

“I would also urge today’s youths to understand the importance of education, and be respectful of everybody’s feelings. With social network at it’s height of popularity in terms of use, it has become easy for people to type and insult people however they want. My message is for youths to understand that behind each computer is a real person with real emotions that deserve to be respected. We must work hand and in hand to
end such forms of bullying.” says Ms Gounder.

We are excited for Finance Pacific’s Miss India Fiji 2017 – Archana Gounder (sponsored by Facility Services Fiji) Journey to Miss India World Wide.

She flies out on Sunday and joins the Miss India Fiji Team who are already in New York.

“We are behind Archana all the way and wish her the Very Best . The Miss India Fiji Team would like to thank to Sponsors and the Individuals who have contributed to the Success of Miss India Fiji 2017 and in preparing Archana
Gounder for Miss India World Wide.

Daily Updates from Ms Gounders journey in New york will be on the Miss India Fiji Facebook Page.