Issues arise concerning eTransport


The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on bus companies to ensure their drivers are well trained to successfully undertake the E-ticketing process which came into effect from 1st October.

Consumer Council of Fiji Chief Executive Officer, Premila Kumar said the call comes in light of the growing number of complaints being recorded by the Council’s National Consumer Helpline due to poor handling of issues by certain bus companies.

“Consumers are voicing their frustration over some busses denying students from boarding the bus because they do not have eTransport card despite continuous awareness on this issue,” Kumar said.

She said it has been made clear in a government statement and verified by the Fiji Bus Operators Association that school students can board the busses irrespective of whether they have their school eTransport cards or not.

“This shall be the case till Vodafone Fiji and the Ministry of Education complete the distribution of school eTransport cards within the next few days,” Kumar said.

Similarly, she said the drivers need to be fully informed on how to operate the E-ticketing machine as a slight mistake can cause wrong fare being charged to consumers.

“As a result it would become troublesome and costly for the consumers to seek refund of the overpaid sum,” Kumar said.

Meanwhile, the Council has also urged the Fiji Bus Operators Association to simplify the refund process so that consumers’ do not incur additional costs while seeking a refund.