Aviation reunion planned for next year

Nadi Aviation Committee members for 2017/2018 (front row: L-R),Norman Yee, Akanesi Koroitamana, Narendra Reddy (President) and Abdul Aziz. (back row: L-R), Mohd Mustapha, Kaliova Usa, Bobby Tikaram (Event Coordinator), Marda Muthu (Secretary) and Nasir Khan (Treasurer).


The Association of Ex-Civil Association Staff (ASAC) is planning a Nadi Aviation Reunion for next year.

The event is planned for the 5th–7th of October, 2018 which will include a welcome cocktail, a gala dinner and a farewell picnic lunch consecutively.

Event Coordinator, Bobby Tikaram said after the successful 2011 Nadi Aviation Reunion, the Committee unanimously agreed to hold the second one in 2018.

“This was moved in our first meeting this year and the new incoming officials and committee confirmed and endorsed it,”

“The only difference was, originally we had decided to hold it on 28th-30th September but in our last meeting it was decided to hold it on 5th-7th October 2018. This will be the weekend before the 2018 IDC,” Mr. Tikaram said.

He adds there has been a lot of interest shown by their members in Canada and in the United States but are still awaiting feedbacks from members in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr. Tikaram said venues for the event will be worked out in the next few months.

Meanwhile, Association President and Chief Executive Officer of JKevi Group, Narendra Reddy said the objective of the event is to unite as best as possible in Nadi airport employees and their families in a social atmosphere.

“To rekindle friendships and reminisce about the good old days,” Reddy said.