Ravai reminds soldiers of RFMF’s significance

 Captain Tuiloma receives WAF CEO, Mr Opetaia Ravai at the Black Rock Camp in Votualevu, Nadi. Phot: WAF

Water Authority of Fiji Chief Executive Officer, Mr Opetaia Ravai officiated as Chief Guest at the Republic of the Fiji Military Force’s closing address for the two missions, which will be deployed in the last quarter of this year.

The closing ceremony was held on the 4th October, 2017 at the RFMF’s Peace Keeping School Mass Hall at the Black Rock Camp in Votualevu, Nadi.

The Black Rock camp conducts pre-deployment trainings for the RFMF troops before they are deployed for overseas missions.

Mr Ravai reminded the one hundred thirty eight officers who were amongst other senior military officers on the mission statement of the RFMF and the important role that it plays for Fijians.

Mr Ravai said that “the RFMF will provide security and defense and well-being for Fiji and all Fijians” and said that was why it exists.

“It is very important for all of us, myself included, whatever organisation we work for, we must understand the mission of the organisation because it determines everything that we do. The mission of an organisation should tell you why that organisation exists, where do they operate, what is their core function or business?” Mr Ravai said.

“I must congratulate and thank you all for your service to the RFMF and to the country and for defending our peace and freedom.”

The training closed by the CEO consisted of troops that will be deployed to missions in Iraq and Lebanon.

Captain Jone Dugu, Officer in Command for the Peace Keeping School based in Black Rock.

“For Iraq a total of seventy-four troops that will be deployed in all ranks. As for the mission in Lebanon a total of a hundred and fifty-three will be deployed. The deployment also consists of fifteen females from the Fiji Corrections Services as well as the RFMF.”

Meanwhile, earlier this year the Water Authority of Fiji had improved water services to the Black Rock Military Camp as the camp had inconsistent water supply in the past.

“The WAF had installed pipe works within the Black Rock camp to help better improve water supply in the camp. This is of great help since for the last few years we have been having water problems and now this has improved a lot and it has helped us in terms of our training,”

“The Black Rock campsite is a very important training institution for Fiji as it prepares our peacekeepers for foreign missions,” said Mr Ravai.

“I would like to thank the CEO of the Water Authority of Fiji, Mr Opetaia Ravai for availing himself to be here today, to be able to help us and to close our training which began six weeks ago,” said Captain Dugu.

Mr Ravai was also briefed on the camp’s future plans and the urgent need of increased sanitation services.