Self realization critical- Professor Misir

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Prem Misir and Registrar, Mr. Kamlesh Arya, lighting the diya during the Deepawali celebration. Photo: UNI FIJI 

The University of Fiji held the Deepwali celebrations on October 13, 2017 to commemorate the auspicious occasion.

At the event, the Vice- Chancellor, Professor Prem Misir, highlighted that Deepawali is not about lighting diyas, fire-cracker or getting dressed up; Deepawali was about following the righteous path, the path filled with light.

“The imprint of light need not only be for Deepawali but every day. We need to have sustainable inner light so that we can discard darkness from entering our lives and have goodness pervading throughout our lives,” he commented.

He further elaborated that self-realisation was critical and could be achieved if one the has inner light imprint.

“There are various enlightened Gurus that help sustain the inner light from generation to generation so that society can be lead out of darkness and into light. Whatever you do must be of service to humanity. One can study at Universities and get a degree but one must have righteousness, integrity, unrighteousness and honesty and need to go back to the religious values,” he stated.

Further to his point, he advised to strike an equilibrium between the good and evil where the goodness supersedes the vices.

“We all are good people with a lot of positivity with us, but we have allowed our lifestyles and other things we do in life to combine that goodness with a lot of evil, but we need to control it to make society a great place to live in,” he concluded.

Beneath any pathology, there is goodness in man, the V-C added.