Overwhelming demand for Diwali sweets at Bhikha Bhai

Renu Mala and Shainaz Nisha pack red and yellow Jalebi at the Bhikha Bhai Nadi store kitchen today. Photo: ANA SOVA.


Gulab Jamun, Lakari Mithai, Jalebi, Penda, Barfi, Murku, Peanut, Peas. The list is endless. A variety of delicious sweets will be available in many households across the country this Diwali.

Bhikha Bhai Nadi Store Manager, Adeep Sharma said they have been virtually gasping for breath as customers waited in queues to place their orders and at the same time also trying to distribute to those that have pre-ordered.

“During festival season we are very busy especially during Diwali because people come in and buy a lot of sweets and snacks. The demand is so high that we had started selling Diwali sweets 10 days before the festival,” Sharma said.

He adds they had an early bird discount which really attracted a lot of customers.

Sharma said they always run out of sweets a day before the festival due to the demand and often those on last minute rush get disappointed.

“Everyone comes in to buy sweets now during Diwali not just the Indo-Fijians, everyone is enjoying Diwali,” he said.