Lautoka Mill Closes for the 2017 Crushing Season

Lautoka Mill has successfully concluded its crushing for the 2017 season.

Key stats indicate a successful season for the mill. Lautoka crushed a total of 455,781 tonnes of cane; a 15%
increase from 2016. Additionally, sugar produced was 39% higher to 2016 season at 54,174 tonnes.

And the mill made inroads in key vitals in Tons Cane to Tons Sugar (TCTS) achieving 8.4, an improvement of 1.7 from 2016.

This essentially translates to a more efficient crushing season for Lautoka Mill.

GM Lautoka Mill Mika Biukoto who attributes the successful season to his mill employees, also extends his thanks
to all industry stakeholders including growers, harvesting gangs, contractors and lorry drivers for the supply of fresh
cane to the Lautoka Mill. Biukoto further made a plea to the growers to make good use of the Government assistance
to increase the crop for Lautoka Mill.

He encourages growers to contact and visit FSC sector offices should they need
clarification on the details of the assistance.