Water supply upgrade to boost Duidui settlement

Mrs Tavai carries a bucket of water through the village. Photo: WAF


Eight years of fetching water from a nearby house to her home will be no more for mother of five Eseta Tavai, thanks to Water Authority of Fiji.

Mrs Tavai is a living testimony of how some people of Duidui settlement face water glitches.

She was on cloud nine when she heard that there will be an upgrade in their water system.

Duidui settlement is an hour’s drive from Savusavu Township and is comprised of subsistence farmers, it is part of the village of Nakobo, but is located three miles away.

Representatives from the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) Water Development Affairs Department visited the residents of Duidui to advise them that the work to upgrade their water system was included in the 2017 to 2018 budget and would begin soon.

“My house is located right on top of the hill and I have to go down with my bucket to fetch water in the morning, at night, and even when it rains,” Mrs Tavai said.

She said she began living that difficult life when her child was in Year One. Her daughter is now in Year 9 (form 3).

“I started carrying water from the nearest tap to our house, a distance of about 200 metres, and I have to climb up a long hill. That’s almost eight years of fetching water up this hill.

“Sometimes I got sick from the stress of carrying water up this hill.  I am fed up of fetching water while others just have to take few steps.”

“Now, when I heard that WAF is coming within a few weeks for the upgrading of our village water supply system, I couldn’t express my joy. I am so overwhelmed by this news, because finally I know that God has seen all the hard times I have gone through in fetching water for my family.”

Mrs Tavai said she had bought her materials for building a flush toilet, but the water problem has stopped her from building one.

“I tell you, I am willing to do anything during the construction period of our water project, whether it be carrying sand or gravel, just to let the water flow and reach my house,” said Mrs Tavai.