Aviva Farms first to host Fiji’s only International Race Course

 Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism Land and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya at the Sabeto Picnic Races. Photo: DEPTFO


Like any new development, horse racing in Fiji needs support to help promote and grow the event into a permanent fixture.

And for that the Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Land and Mineral Resources Faiyaz Koya is making a call to communities to show interest and support initiatives such as the Sabeto Picnic Races which was hosted on Aviva Farms in Sabeto last weekend.

Aviva Farms is the very first to host Fiji’s only international size race course.

“I would like to commend Aviva Farm owner Livai Tora and Kim Beddoes, two of our local entrepreneurs and Sabeto residents, on a milestone achievement,” he said.

“You both have raised the profile of horse racing in Fiji and with the popular Melbourne Cup just two days away, today’s races, would be our very own Fijian version of the Melbourne Cup, but with a lot of ‘Fijian Flavor’, making this a uniquely Fijian event.

“I have no doubt that in time, this event would become an important ‘laid back – Fijian style’ fixture expanding our attraction and activity options for our visitors and locals alike.

Mr Koya said developing the ‘Sabeto Picnic Races’ as an annual event, joins the Gardens of the Sleeping Giants, the Sabeto Hot Springs, Sabeto Zip-line and other local activities in the area and would create a hive of activity and attractions.

“This in turn, would definitely draw a lot of attention to the area and the “vanua” of Sabeto and also provide potential investors the opportunity to invest in the area.

“I urge you all to support Sabeto Picnic Races. With your support, we could have this event feature on Fiji’s Events calendar, which would greatly benefit our tourism industry,” he said.