Public urged to adopt crime prevention measures

Based on crime trends over the last two weeks, Police is urging home owners to adopt simple crime prevention measures to avoid becoming possible targets for criminal elements.

Fiji Police Force Chief of Operations, ACP Rusiate Tudravu said while a four per cent decrease in overall crime has been recorded from the 1st – 14th of November, and reductions of 69% in aggravated robberies and 18% reduction in burglaries also recorded, they are still concerned with the number of aggravated burglary and burglary reports received over the last two weeks.

ACP Tudravu said 40 burglary cases were recorded from the four policing divisions, the highest from the Southern Division with 26 cases, followed by the West with eight cases, thee in the East and three in the North.

He adds two aggravated burglary cases were also recorded during this period from the South and Western Division.

“It has been noted that 25 of the reports of aggravated burglaries and burglary cases were committed in broad daylight where criminals entered the homes by removing louver blades and forced their way inside. The fact that all of the homes were vacant during the time of the offence warrants the urgency for members of the public to adopt simple crime prevention measures to avoid being targeted by criminals,” ACP Tudravu said.

He said the Fiji Police Force continues to advocate the need for members of the community to know each other and help keep their neighborhoods safe through the “Know your neighbour” initiative.

“The “Know your neighbor” concept is simple and can easily be adopted and we are urging everyone to think seriously about implementing the initiative in your neighborhoods,” ACP Tudravu said.

He said the criminals are targeting vacant homes during the day because they are taking advantage of our society’s tendency to keep to ourselves and this is reflected by the red zone areas particularly in highly gated communities.

“However we do urge members of the community to take note of the following areas we have labeled as red zone areas and possible targets for criminals considering the high number of burglary cases recorded in the last two weeks,” ACP Tudravu said.

Southern Division o   Nailuva Road

o   Grantham Road

o   Fletcher Road Vatuwaqa

o   Stage 1 & 2 Cunningham

o   Siga Road Laucala Beach

o   Tagimoucia Road Laucala Beach

o   Valelevu

o   Mandir St Nadera

o   Cakacaka Road Caubati

o   Secala Road Nasole

o   Muanikoso Squatters

o   Upper Samabula

o   Namadi Heights


West o   Denarau

o   Simla, Lautoka

o   Marine Drive Lautoka

o   Savunawai Stg 2, Votualevu

o   Bountiful Estate, Waqadra

o   Balata


East o   Waila

o   Lal Singh Rd

o   Lomaivuna


North o   Korotari

o   Namara

o   Savusavu Town

o   Delaivuna

o   Naqara

o   Drekeniwai Sett


Police is therefore urging the public to adopt the following measures;

  • Make time to know the people living in your neighbourhood
  • Exchange contact information with your neighbours so they can call you regarding any suspicious activities
  • Let your neighbours know if you are expecting anyone to visit you during the day
  • Ask them to seek the information of people or officials who unexpectedly call at your home
  • If you have CCTV cameras, ensure one is able to capture the external environment and that not solely concentrated to inside your homes.

ACP Tudravu said it was also encouraging to note that some are using communication platforms such as Viber to communicate with their neighbors and create alerts if they see any suspicious activities.

“We hope others will adopt a similar approach in order to keep their communities safe”,

ACP Tudravu said Police officers are conducting regular patrols and beats on a 24 hour basis.

“We are asking everyone to help us by adopting simple and effective ways of keeping your homes safe,” he said.