Police notice worrying trend

WPC Litia Lawacoki the Post Officer at Kavanagasau Community Post following an awareness session at Mavua District School. Photo: SUPPLIED.


The Fiji Police Force is pleading with parents and guardians to reiterate the importance of safety over the school holidays.

This comes after Police officers have picked up a worrying trend whereby children as young as nine years of age are seen roaming the streets of the major towns and cities in the early hours of the morning.

Police Chief of Operations, ACP Rusiate Tudravu said this puts the spotlight on the lack of adequate supervision and they hope this will change in the coming days.

“We make this plea for our children as we do not want to receive any reports of drowning’s or fatalities and we need everyone’s support to keep them safe,” ACP Tudravu said.

He said with a lot of social gatherings and engagements anticipated, the safety of our children is often disregarded, and in the event a child becomes a victim of crime.

“We will explore the issue of negligence and will not hesitate to lay appropriate charges,” ACP Tudravu said.