Public advisory from Agriculture Ministry

The Ministry of Agriculture is advising farmers to take precautionary measures following a trough of low pressure which is expected to affect Fiji until Friday, this week.

With Fiji currently in the cyclone season (November 2017 to April 2018), it is prudent that farmers take necessary steps to safeguard their crops and livestock.

The trough of low pressure with associated cloud, rain and thunderstorms is likely to bring heavy rain and strong winds and farmers are urged to take heed of advisories and plan to secure their property, stock and lives.

Farmers who reside in flood prone areas are advised to move their animals, machinery and farm implements to higher ground and secure their livestock sheds.

It is advisable for farmers to also monitor their crops which are on flood prone areas to avoid losses during flooding. If crops are matured then it is advisable to harvest them before flash floods occur. Planting materials can be moved to higher grounds which can be used after the flood waters have receded.

Farmers are also advised to be wary of culverts and other waterways created by floods and keep family members and animals away from them.

MOA [Information & Communication section]