New Zealand Police conducts Crime prevention workshop for Fiji Police

Chief of Intelligence and Investigations ACP Biu Matavou looks over the NZ Police strategy as Chief Operations Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu looks.

Officials from the New Zealand Police are conducting a two day workshop for their Fijian comrades on the topic of Crime Prevention and Drivers of Crime at the Fiji Police Headquarters.

Inspector Steve Dunn, Detective Inspector Paul Hampton and Senior Sergeant Emma Fleming are from the NZ Police’s International Service Group (ISG) and will for the next two days deliver training on specific areas such as Financial Crime Investigation, and discuss the areas identified to be the Drivers of Policing demand in NZ such as; Organized Crime and Drugs, Alcohol, Family Harm, Road policing and Mental Health.

D/IP Hampton said they will share the NZ Police Prevention First Operating Strategy and see what Fiji can take from the concept.

“We share a common bond because we want to keep our communities safe and in NZ’s situation we had noted that a more holistic approach was needed to target all aspects of criminality that impact on our communities and focusing on one area in isolation did not get sustainable results”.

“We will try to identify the drivers of demand from the Fiji Police’s perspective and as we have noted from other Pacific Island nations there are common crime issues throughout the region and our collective goal is to prevent crime and victimization, to target offenders and deliver a more responsive service to deal with how society has changed”.

D/IP Hampton said the success of any crime prevention strategy is dependent on how every member of the organisation is able to understand the overall goal.

“All around the world this is an issue because police jurisdictions have thousands of strategies that make a lot of sense to the senior command but not to the officers on the ground because they may not get the chance to read and understand it because of the demands of their work and over the next two days we will share how NZ Police has successfully done that”. 

Chief Operations Officer ACP Rusiate Tudravu said the Fiji Police Force was grateful for another opportunity to work with the NZ Police.

“Our partnership goes back decades to the setting up of our K9 Unit which has been a success to date and we are once again looking forward to learning and sharing ideas that will not only benefit the Fijian people but the entire Pacific region noting the common crime trends”.

The workshop is an outcome of talks held between the Commissioner of Police and NZ Police on the margins of the recent INTERPOL General Assembly in Beijing.