The Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Conducts Two-Day Workshop for Special Needs School

Caption: Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Special School Bed Making Competition. Photo: RADISSON BLU RESORT FIJI.

Monday, 27th November 2017. The Radisson Blu Resort Fiji is recognized on the global platform boasting two Carlson Asia Pacific Responsible Business Awards in three years. The award presented in 2014 and 2016 is a recognition of the Resorts Responsible Business efforts and the ongoing community work done through its ‘Adopt-A-School’ Programme.

Responsible Business is a fundamental facet of the Radisson Blu Resort and aside from assisting the local school community with school materials, library set up, donation of tanks and infrastructure, the Resort is also actively involved with the vocational and special needs schools.

In an effort to up skill and advance special needs students, Julien Racine, Hotel Manager and Mereoni Koroitamana, Executive Housekeeper, ran a two day in-house training session with teachers and students on Workplace Readiness and Expectations.

The first session was for teachers only to equip them with the tools required to prepare their students for joining the workforce. The second day exposed the students to all departments of the Resort and the variety of opportunities to suit individual strengths as well as teaching basics such as personal presentation.

The Resort also conducted a workshop for interview skills, behavior at work and how to make the most out of the training programme.

“It was a fun and educational two-day experience for all and what better way to inject teambuilding
skills than a bed making competition”, says Gerard Knight, General Manager of the Radisson Blu
Resort Fiji.

The Radisson Blu Resort has chosen to lead by example as not many Resort Properties have pried
into the field of special schools and taken proactive and sustainable measures in assisting with
employment and growing opportunities.

Since the Resort started its pilot training programme they have enrolled nine students and hired two who initially started off as trainees.

“The Radisson Blu Resort Fiji is proud to highlight the Special Schools training in its Adopt-A-School Programme and our Responsible Business Committee will nourish this initiative in the years to come”, says Gerard Knight.

Over the years the Responsible Business Committee have been making several visits to Special
Schools in the Western Division with donations and conducting workshops but have now taken bigger steps.

The Resorts training programme is designed to integrate special needs students into the workplace. This has been a great success as the Radisson Blu Resort is now onto its third round of students who are completing workplace training in housekeeping and grounds.

Even more exciting, the Radisson Blu Resort has been a beacon of inspiration leading the way for two other Resorts on Denarau and one industrial organization who will be hiring a special needs student as a data clerk.

“We are very proud of what Radisson Blu has collectively achieved, a true collaboration between the schools, Tony and Kris Bashford and our wonderful Hotel Manager Julien and Executive Housekeeper Mereoni, as well as our amazing Radisson Blu teams who work with the students every day” says Gerard Knight.