FRA clarifies its stand on landslides

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) 

Landslides cross boundaries of ownership says Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Moore.

He said it is the responsibility of the FRA to maintain the roads in a safe and useable condition
but it is not the responsibility of the FRA to take on its proactive management of landslide zones
that are in lands owned by others.

“When a landslide affects a highway the FRA will take action to clear the way for traffic. When the
potential landslide zone is within the road corridor but there has been no slide, the FRA will
conduct an assessment and may take proactive steps to prevent future slides.”

He said the Veisari slide in Lami propagated from an area outside of the road corridor, but it
affected the road.

“In this case, the FRA cleared the fallen debris and made the road safe but it is the duty of the
land owner to manage the land that contributed to the slide.”

Mr Moore said the FRA is willing to provide relevant information and advice where it can, and has
such detail available, but the ultimate responsibility rests with the land-owner.