Drainage work in Savusavu

Fulton Hogan Hiways crew clearing drainage and high shoulders along the Belego settlement on the Transincular Road.Photo:FHH

More than three hundred residents at Belego settlement along the Transinsular Road  in the North will be happy following the recent road improvement.

Fulton Hogan Hiways (FHH) is currently stabilising and overlaying the road while grading it to a positive cross-fall to remove water from its surface.

Thus, the FHH is contracted by the Fiji Roads Authority to provide access to Central, Northern and the Eastern Divisions.

According to the FHH’s Savusavu Depot Supervisor, Pradeep Singh, said clearing the drainage at the Belego section of Transinsular road was needed, as it was the main reason for flooding.

“Whenever there is bad weather condition, the nearby settlement located  gets flooded,” he said.

Mr Singh said five men from Fulton Hogan Hiways worked on the drainage with an excavator and two trucks.

“The work  include the removing of  wrecked culverts and installing five new cross culverts, clearing 700 metres of blocked drainage and clearing high shoulders,” he added.

Jyotika Roy, a resident and shop owner of Belego said: More than ten years we were challenged by the flash floods as this construction happens this is a relief.

“I am very happy to witness that there will be no more flooding in the area and as well  enable us to attract  more customers,” she said.