Animal shelter seek assistance

PASH is promoting spay / neuter (de-sexing) programs to truly end the stray dog and cat issues. Photo: PASH.

A new charitable organisation in Nadi is seeking the community support through donations in cash  to assist in equipping and furnishing the new animal welfare facility.

The Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (PASH) has begun construction of the shelter and hospital in Legalega, Nadi.

Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (PASH)director Marie Peyman.

PASH director Marie Peyman said the 26 room facility which was under construction on eight –acre site was purchased by a generous donor from the United States of America, would complete by 2018.

However, she said, the funding for the purchase of the land and construction of the facility has been donated besides the organisation are now seeking to raise funds to equip the hospital and furnishing the facility.

“The group would depend on community involvement and fundraising to equip the facility by means it does not provide for anything beyond that,” she added.

Ms Peyman said the team already reaching out to the government for assistance in other areas and with good hope all may work together, along with the existing animal welfare organizations, to reach common goals.

She said the initiatives took place three years ago by group of trustees who grab the opportunity to review the animal health welfare in Fiji and became the co-founders of PASH.

“Suprisingly, we saw a tremendous need in Fiji to address the stray and neglected street animals throughout the towns and rural areas,” she said.

She added the team became aware of the limited medical facilities available to treat domestic animals.

“We discovered many people in Fiji with the same concerns and a few of us decided to come together to discuss how we could make a substantial contribution within Fiji to address these problems,” she said.

She believed a facility was needed, which would be large enough to shelter numerous animals as well as to provide for medical procedures and surgeries.

Meantime, the Project is primarily for companion animals like dogs and cats but the organisation are very committed to dealing with the stray animals issue and want it to be an open shop so that everybody is comfortable coming to seek help for their pet.