Fijian and Australian youth come together for cultural exchange

Visitors arrive as part of the Spirit of Sharing programme at Nadi Sangam School. Photo: DEPTFO.

More than 100 children from across Fiji’s Western Division gathered at the Nadi Sangam School on Monday to welcome over 300 visitors from Australia as part of the Spirit of Sharing annual celebrations.

The visitors were greeted by smiling children and youths, handicraft markets, fresh fruits prepared from the Red Cross and popular songs from both countries.

The Minister for Youth and Sports, Hon. Laisenia Tuitubou, acknowledged the arrival of the guests and said that the celebration was timely as the festive season is also fast approaching.

“This is the 5th year that the charitable organization, The Spirit of Sharing (SOS), has partnered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to collaborate on an afternoon festival which brings together youth from both countries to engage in the exchange of song, dance, and sport,” Minister Tuitubou said.

“The partnership recognizes and reflects the mutual vision shared by both organizations – to empower youths in Fiji in personal development through opportunities in cultural exchange and sports.”

Spirit of Sharing, founded by Chairperson, Peter Cole, in 2000, gathers donated sporting equipment to distribute across schools in the Asia Pacific.

Part of their mission includes cross-cultural events like the celebrations in Nadi, which aims to facilitate the distribution of donations while bringing Fijian and Australians together face-to-face for food, fun, and laughter.

Youth clubs and schools who showcased their talents through dance and song performances included Ghandi Bhawan Primary School, Lovu HART Kindergarten, Fiji Wow Entertainment, Vakatora Housing Youth Club, Namotomoto Youth Club, PYGMIES, and the Yahweh Youth Club. Handicrafts were provided by Lovu HART Women’s Club.

This was the third event of the year, the first 2 were held on 20 and 22 November at the same location in Nadi with a new group of visitors from Australia and Fijian friends.