Ongoing efforts to maintain services at Lautoka Hospital

Staff at Lautoka Hospital are continuing their efforts to maintain services following yesterday’s fire.

A team from the Ministry of Health & Medical Services Head Office has been working alongside local management to ensure that there are adequate supplies of essential items.

Additional oxygen cylinders and associated equipment have been transferred from Suva to replace the piped supply which is currently unavailable and negotiations are under way to arrange access to alternative, local X-ray services while repairs are carried out at Lautoka Hospital.

Senior managers at Lautoka Hospital are meeting regularly to assess services and deal with any issues of concern. A number of areas of the hospital have been damaged by the fire itself and also by water used for fire-fighting.

Checks on those areas are expected to be carried out today (6 December) and, based on the results of those checks, it will be possible to prepare plans for gradual restoration of the full range of services. Ensuring the safety of patients and staff will be the top priority at all times.

Currently it is expected that specialist outpatient services will begin operating again tomorrow (7 December) for patients with appointments. General outpatient services remain suspended until further notice and patients should continue to use nearby Health Centres which will remain open until 10pm.

A special 24-hour telephone helpline has been set up and patients or other members of the public who require information on the availability of services at Lautoka Hospital should call 623 0700 (normal call charges apply).

The Ministry of Health & Medical Services apologises for any inconvenience caused by this unfortunate incident and thanks the Lautoka community for their support and understanding. The hard work and dedication of managers, doctors, nurses and all other staff at Lautoka Hospital are also greatly appreciated.