Police continue to arrest people involved in drug related activities


A total of 59 people have been  arrested by Police and produced in court for their alleged involvement in drug related activities during the month of November.

Commissioner of Police, Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho said they had anticipated the increased activity hence the aggressive approach towards the involvement of those involved in the illegal trade and this will continue throughout the month of December.

He reveals eleven arrests were made in the Eastern Division, with 17 in the South, 9 in the North and 22 in the West.

“To put things in perspective the estimated value of the drugs seized which include methamphetamine and marijuana from all four divisions is estimated to be more than $650,000,”

“While the 59 accused would have been enjoying the profits of their illegal deeds, the user, their family and their communities will be suffering and this is why we are going to be relentless on the war against drugs,” Brigadier General Qiliho said.

He adds towards the end of last week  a woman was arrested following the discovery of white crystal substances believed to be methamphetamine. A taskforce from the Southern Division executed the arrest at Cobert Avenue in Navuso on Thursday night.

“In the last 24 hours more seizures continue as people are found with parcels, rolls and plants from all four divisions as taskforces continue to erect snap checkpoints throughout any given 24 hour period,”

“Our divisional taskforces are working together to ensure criminal elements are not able to conduct their illegal trade in their respective area of operations,” Brigadier General Qiliho said.

He has urged members of the public not to allow those in the illegal trade to profit of other’s misfortune and if  members of the public have any information, should let Police know.

“We assure you that we will look into your concerns.We call on members of the public to continue working with the officers in their respective divisions so we can curb the illegal trade,”

“Let’s not be discouraged by critics who say that the war on drugs is a losing battle because the removal of one person involved in the drug trade is a major victory in itself,” Brigadier General Qiliho said.