Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission

Name Change

The Fiji Commerce Commission effective from 1st August 2017 will now be known as the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC). The name change indicates that the FCCC will focus on both on consumer protection and the regulation of competition between traders.

With the name change, people will instantly know that the Commission does not only look after the affairs of traders but also the rights of consumers which is a role that the Commission always had since it was established. It also represents the Commission becoming a multi-sector regulator. This will simply mean looking at various areas that has to do with consumer protection and competition.

The Commission has developed a 5 year strategy plan from 2017 to 2022. The plan will focus on ensuring that markets are competitive and that the regulations are justified and consumers are well aware of their rights.

What the new name and logo means:

FIJIAN – This represents the common identity that we have in Fiji.

COMPETITION AND CONSUMER COMMISSION – The Commission will regulate the market and ensure that the livelihood of all Fijians is maintained. By doing so people can continually improve their standards of living and affordability in the market for quality products.

What is the vision and mission of FCCC:

“To create a dynamic and competitative market  in Fiji.”

Our vision reflects the concept that all Fijians are better off when markets operate efficently and effectively

The mission of FCCC is:

“Fostering a competitative, efficient, fair and informed market place to enhance the welfare of all Fijians.”

In a competative, efficent, fair and informed market place consumers have access to goods and services at prices that reflect efficient costs, and business face incentives to innovate  and improve their product offerings to consumers.

FCCC’s Plan

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission is planning to extend their opening hours in an effort to improve service delivery for all Fijians. FCCC is still  having discussions on this. By extending opening hours  will allow people who go to work or want to come in and lodge their complaints after work during lunch hours there will be someone who will always be there to help people. FCCC is also looking at opening compliant centres in Nausori and Nadi so that it makes easy for people to lodge the complaints. This wiull enable FCCC to take services to the people.

Advice to consumers

The Commission urges all consumers to report of any prices exceeding the above list or any unfair trade practises on 3372178 or 8921991. The Commission will investigate such cases and advise the complainant accordingly on the outcome. The consumers of Fiji must ensure that unscrupulous traders do not engage in these prohibited conducts by disadvantaging the consumer.