November initiative and blood drive at Fmf

FMF Foods Limited male staff pictured in support of Fiji Cancer Society. Photo: FMF

Staff of  FMF Foods Limited have not stopped their efforts of contributing back into their community after a successful Pinktober initiative, blood drive and contributions to the Fiji Cancer Society.

More than a hundred both female and male  staff flocks in  during Pinktober and blood drive periods in order to went through breast  testing  and cervical cancer screening and awareness at the FMF Head office Walu Bay where the Ministry of Health Team  based  for 2 weeks.

Thus, the drive also allowed  women and men from all works of life including neighbor the vicinity of Leonidas Street Walu Bay to do screening done  otherwise with the disadvantage of taking time off  from work.

FMF Foods Limited Group Marketing Manager Poonam Kritika  acknowledged the  Fletcher Steel and Foster Group for encouraging female staff to have the tests.

“This only reinforces that a healthy workforce is a critical part of any successful business,” she added.

Alternatively, she said with early month of  November, the initiative started at FMF, whereby the male staff  grew moustache and beard to help create awareness on prostate cancer which has become a growing concern in the community.

“Male staff were encouraged  to go through prostate screening and awareness at Pacific Specialist Hospital based on FMF premises from December 6th to  December 8.

Total of 170 male staff took advantage of this opportunity and went through screenings in additional a blood drive was held at FMF on December 7th to assist Ministry of Health with their Blood Drive.

Currently the FMF Group employees have a total of 1,108 staff and  some initiatives the FMF took on board  to encourage its employee  to stay healthy.

FMF will host  similar initiatives in 2018 to create awareness healthy living and practices to all its staff.

Group Marketing Manager Poonam Kritika FMF Foods Limited