Organisers​ ​overwhelmed​ ​with​ ​the​ ​interest​ ​from​ ​Teams

Organisors of the Inagural UroNiubuto 7S have received a lot of Interest thus have decided to begin the
Tournament tomorrow as they have allocated today as registration day for the last set of teams.

“We were suppose to kick off the Tournament Today but with the amount of last minute registrations the
organiser have made the decision to allocate today as Registration day for the last minute registering
teams .

Originally we had confirmed a total of 17 Teams,12 of which are teams from around Kadavu and
5 from Suva but this might slightly increase by a few”.

The Committee with the Teams officials will have briefing at which they will also reveal the team
draws.Rio Olympian Sevens Gold Medalist Masivesi Dakuwaqa & popular Pio Tuwai who is well
known for his offloading abilities is scheduled to play tomorrow for UroNiubuto Brothers.

Games is confirmed to kick off tomorrow at 8am at the Namalata Primary School Grounds for all pool
play with all the Quarters, Semis & Finals to take place on Saturday.

The Inaugural Tournament is being sponsored by two businesses Uro Shop & Niubuto.
Prize money for the:
Overall Tournament cup winner is $10,000.00
Runners Up : $2000.00
Plate Winner : $500.00
Bowl : $500.00

We are looking forward to seeing some good quality rugby in the coming 2 days as the teams battle for
the main cup. Majority of the teams have arrived this morning with the last few scheduled to arrive later
this afternoon.

For more Information please call Sevens Public Relations Onisimo Moii – +6799044825