Work on Transincular Road Completed

FFH crew stabilizing the deteriorated sections on the Transincular Road. Photo: FRA 

Labasa and Savusavu road users is delighted with  the current  improved road condition.

Fulton Hogan Hiways (FHH) Construction Supervisor, George Hughes said  work is now completed on the Transinsular Road where a crew of ten stabilised and sealed more than 2 kilometres of the deteriorated area.

“The Transinsular Road links Labasa and Savusavu towns with more than 500 vehicles using it daily,” Hughes said.

Mr Hughes said they have completed stabilising and sealing the first 2 kilometres of the road and are now working on other sections of the Transincular road.

With the 2 kilometres of the road, he added his team dug out the deteriorated material and then stabilised the base course with cement and compacted it with the roller before the final seal.

He said the rehabilitation work also included installing sub soil pipes, a new cut of drains to ease the water flow off the road, stabilisation, sealing and new line marking.

“Today it is a lot easier and faster now for me to drove from Labasa to Savusavu because before the road was filled with potholes and it was impossible to dodge,” said Dalip Chand Bus Driver, Isoa Natui,

“Now, I am more comfortable in driving through and the passengers are safe, since FHH has repaired the blind corners along the road,” he said.

FHH is contracted by the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) to carry out its maintenance programme to provide road access in the Central, Northern and Eastern Divisions.