USA Dance day launched with interests

(L-R) Varsha Naik, Monica Mahendra singh , CEO TV Asia Padama Shri H R Shah , Antonio Sabas, Megumi N Sabas and Sandip Soparrkar. Photo:SUPPLIED.

USA Dance Day is a unique dance platform where dances from all over the world flocks in on one single platform promoting unity, Harmony and brotherhood between people.

Chief Guest Monica Mahendra Singh who is an acid attack survivor herself speaking out against gender-based violence and using fashion to empower and encourage survivors to pursue their dreams.

Boosting the Dance industry in the US, the Bollywood celebrity choreographer Sandip Soparrkar’s  and owner of Navrang Dance Academy, Ms. Varsha Naik of New Jersey launched first ever ‘USA Dance Day’ at J.P Stevens High School in Edison, New Jersey.

Naik remains passionately involved as a teacher, choreographer and artist and has been active in choreography and dance instruction since 2010.

(L-R) Sandip Soparrkar and Varsha Naik performing at USA Dance Day 2.

She thanked the community for the support and encouragement for the event.

“This event is gaining a lot of momentum on social media and have participation entries from some well-known dance institutes and individuals too,” she said.

She said keeping in mind all the wonderful and passionate registered participants were sure to have enjoyed and have a great time.

With Navrang Dance Academy, Naik promises to continue Dance for a Cause every year and promised that in a yearly basis with an effort to bring to light various causes that are prevalent in the society.’

Supporting the ‘USA Dance Day’, Soparrkar is promoting cause of acid attack align with National Award winning initiative ‘Dance for a Cause’.

“The act was so beautifully enacted and absolutely heart wrenching with a perfect message to create awareness on Acid Attack brought tears to many,” she said.

Dance and Music, Soparrkar added is universal and connects people across the world.

Hence, choreographers from all walks of life including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia, Italy and UK as well as in the United States and other parts of the world also present   at the event  with the theme ‘Stop Acid Attack on Women’.