Module 1 of Hindi Short Course Comes to an End

Vice-Chancellor Professor Prem Misir with the Hindi course participants.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The University of Fiji in conjunction with the High Commission of India is offering a free Short Course in Hindi Language and Literature at the Saweni Campus. The course comprises of three modules – basic, intermediate and advanced. The 4-week basic module commenced on November 13 and concluded on December 8, 2017 with the presentation of certificates.

The Basic module introduced the basics of Hindi Language and Literature, which guided in developing both oral and written standard Hindi. Introduction to Devanagari Script – Alphabets – consonants and vowels, basic grammar and sentence structure and short stories by Rabindranath Tagore such as “Bhikharini”, “Sadhana”, “Kabuliwallah”, “Atithi” were other content highlights of Module 1.

Initiated by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Prem Misir and coordinated by Director of Strategic Plans, Dr. Anshu Mala, the short course is free of cost for all participants and is very beneficial for the community.

“Hindi language is important for the continuation of culture though Fiji Hindi kept the culture going thus far. UniFiji’s Strategic Plan is highly focused on environmental and social responsibilities hence the short course is considered a significant part of the community engagement,” commented the V-C.

UniFiji continues to place high emphasis not only on developing the University’s repore but also engaging the neighboring communities to bring skills and development to their door step. The Hindi short course is one such initiative whereby, the Saweni community is engaged in learning standard Hindi for the development of their careers.

While speaking at the presentation of certificates of the completion of basic module, Ms. Akashna Sharma, UniFiji student, said that she was grateful to be part of the University which supported the Hindi language. She stated that no other University offered a short course for free but UniFiji’s initiative to offer it free is commendable.

“The short course will fill the gap created by western influence and modernization and promote not only the Hindi language but the Hindu culture,” she stated.

Dr. Ajantha Perera, one of the participants of the short course, said that she learnt a lot from the course.

“I have no prior knowledge of the Hindi language but during the course of the short course, I not only learnt to speak and write basic Hindi, I learnt about the Hindu culture,” she said (in Hindi).

The Hindi short course is a significant channel to broaden and sustain Hindi literature and language in Fiji for the current and future generations.

Thirty participants registered for the course with the youngest participant at 6 years of age.The University of Fiji is grateful to the High Commission of India for this initiative.Intermediate and advanced levels are scheduled to commence early next year.  The course is offered bi-annually.