Fnu students mini Graduation

Tourism and hospitality students graduated at Nadi campus.Photo: Luke Nacei

To alleviate and boost the tourism industry in the economy, ninety three (93) students of Fiji National University tourism and hospitality faculty  were graduated  at Nadi campus.

Chief guests Dr Isimeli Tagicakiverata thanked members of the faculty, parents, friends, and all  stakeholders  to celebrate the important occasion.

“This graduation is only the beginning of greater things to come and I would urge you all to continue pursuing higher qualifications in the near future,” he said.

Dr Tagicakiverata mentioned that the excitement of joining the workforce for  new comers, marks individual transition from being a  student to workers.

“The road that lies ahead won’t be easy, work life is not always smooth sailing, because there will be obstacles and challenges and headaches,” he added.

He said all those are  all part of work and it is where a student  will need to use intuition, interpersonal skills or soft-skills to make  work life easier.

“Discipline, good time management and resourcefulness are important qualities to maintain,” he added.

The National Training & Productivity Center he said  is mandated to provide training to organisations so that  transformation is efficient, productive and competent in the domestic, regional and global markets.

“We strive to be at the forefront in terms of providing quality training to the nation’s work force, but more importantly providing relevant current training demanded by the industry,” he added.

The role of NTPC, he said  was  to prepare the work force of the future, to be visionary, innovative in  thinking is something to capture.

“Over the years, the NTPC has produced some prominent leaders, who had gone through our apprenticeship and other courses, and who have risen through the ranks to become senior figures in the private sector and in government,” he added.

“The Department of Hospitality, Tourism & Travel is based at the NTPC Namaka Centre and also training venues are set up in Hospitality and Tourism regions around the country.”

“We are proud to associate with the industry and also work with them because they help us develop specialised training programmes that meet daily needs.

He said the faculty is intending  to facilitate more programmes for smaller scale entrepreneurs’ with tailor-made programmes.

“Our programmes are set up to assist trainees to  perform when they join the industry, or trainees who are already in the industry,” he added.

He said the Department of Hospitality and Tourism has been very actively involved with the industry to upgrade the courses offered by the department and also to make it easier for its students to find career pathways.

“As we all know there is an alarming gap between the demand and supply of skilled workers in Fiji besides  training  provided by NTPC helps to fill that gap especially for the hotel and tourism sector,” he added.

“This sector already generates significant income, employment and investment and we are playing our part at NTPC to ensure that the industry grows from strength to strength,” he said.

Graduates, he said need to developed a set of distinct knowledge and qualities and skills which describe  unique abilities and competence for the job roles and careers, besides the campus recognized and acknowledged  the role of trainers and teachers.