Sigatoka students assisted with Education

Outrigger General Manager Peter HopGood. Photo LUKE NACEI

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort is supporting One hundred Sigatoka students who are preparing back to school this year.

Outrigger General Manager Peter HopGood said the students were sponsored and hosted at Sigatoka town is more like a party for nominated students supported by Outrigger Fijian Resorts providing barber cue and sausage sizzle as a gift.

Surprisingly, he said volunteers from New Zealand and Australia also present on the day to do some voluntarily basis and it’s  a lot more like love and good will in supporting the children for their future.

Mr HopGood said the idea of sponsoring Sigatoka students is something the Resort as well not forgetting sponsors, is pleased to offer the community for students to attend school from primary level then to secondary until reached tertiary.

“The sponsorship team consists of International volunteers from New Zealand and Australia even United States of America who have Fijian inheritance who took interest to assist students to reach high standard of education besides it have been operating for about 9 years and had been successfully,” he said.

Mr HopGood said sponsors usually collect $50FJD per month and that covers all  education cost and as besides every dollar goes to per child and are reserved for next year if not spend.

“Approximately 100 students, he added are provided with school stationeries ranging from primary, secondary right up to tertiary level this year,” he added.

Mr HopGood said challenged faced by Sponsors in the last few years is that students had become older and had been graduated from form 6 and form 7 and reach a tertiary Scholarship with increased cost.

In order to solve the problem, the team had allocated Tertiary scholarship for 5 students in 2018 who managed to continue Vocational studies or reach up to University Degree studies.

“Last year, we had two Fijian students graduated with Bachelors while three were graduated with Vocational certificates,” he added.

“For students to get selected for sponsored, he said  they got to be from needy background typically have no breadwinner within the family which have difficulty in meeting daily expenses in terms of provided with books and uniforms, other options is that they left school young,” he added.

“Mr HopGood said students selected for sponsored is  identified in the community by their headmasters and teachers sometimes Social welfare as well network Agencies in Sigatoka with needy background who really need  care and had that risks in not continuing their education,” he added.

“It’s very easy to bring sponsors and there lots of people who wants to help and that’s really fantastic,” he said.