Working Together for the Reef!

Participants at the Coral planting Training Workshop.Photo SUPPLIED

Treasure was very excited to recently host a Coral Planting Training Workshop to increase success rates of coral planting activities in the Mamanuca Islands.

Planting coral to enhance and rehabilitate our reef is a critical component of the Treasure Environment Program.The resort’s surrounding waters have been protected since 1997 to give marine life the best opportunity to thrive and flourish.

To make the reef even better there is a program focused on planting and growing corals, maintaining them much like an underwater garden, until they are ready to be transplanted to areas of reef that have been impacted by cyclones over recent years.

By doing this, the resort is successfully creating better habitat for marine life, as well as raising awareness of the challenges faced by coral reefs globally.

The workshop was facilitated by the resorts dedicated environment team. Treasure thanks the other participants who attended and shared their techniques and experience, including representatives from other Mamanuca resorts, the National Trust of Fiji, Walt Smith International, Sustainable Travel International and other regional operators.

This was a great opportunity to learn from each other and share experiences and challenges to make coral planting activities in the Mamanuca Islands more successful.