New Pharmacy

A full-service ‘Priceline pharmacy’  is serving the Nadi town from today to offer a convenient on-site option for the community.

Nearly five days of serving the Nadi jet set town, people responding positively towards the service.

Located at 17 Sagayam road in the midst of town with pharmaceutical needs at an affordable price and cost.

The company owned by Shayal Chand and Sanjay Kumar who are both Registered Pharmacist by profession  and five years of experience.

Good and friendly place to visit for medication needs after hour’s service, provides support for any emergency medicine needs.

Opening hours from Monday to Friday, 6am till midnight 12am, Saturday hours: 7am till 1pm and then 8pm till midnight and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm.

Further reference towards the Pharmacy, please call: 620 1505 Landline, 5089 176 [Digicel] and 907 6530[Vodafone].