Fiji Haemophilia Foundation Medical Symposium

The haemophiliac foundation in Fiji hosted its first ever local medical two days symposium at Nadi Bay Resort.

Co-founder of the foundation and a board member, Roshika Deo said the objectives of the foundation was to create awareness, source services and medications, and advocate for people with haemophilia in Fiji.

“It is a general lack of awareness, stigma, discrimination and major gaps in medical services for people living with this genetic condition,” she added.

Miss Deo believed the event was to hold the first ever medical symposium on haemophilia which is a genetic medical condition in which your blood doesn’t coagulate or you have spontaneous bleedings in your muscles and joints causing deformity.

“The second day was to set up Fiji Haemophilia Foundation – Fiji first and a much needed body to create awareness, source and provide factors (medication for haemophilia which is not available in Fiji) and increase the capacity of medical professionals to identify, treat and provide patient care including technical lab diagnostic capabilities,” she added.

She said over 50 medical professionals participated in the medical symposium on Saturday and over 30 patients and their family members participate on Sunday.

“Medical professionals have been able to gain technical knowledge on haemophilia during the medical symposium and we then had a panel with patients and their families who shared their experiences and difficulties,” she added.

“This would help improve the services that medical professionals provide  on same note patients will benefit the most as they will finally have access to proper diagnostic services, medications to live a healthy life, a life free from pain and reach their fullest potential,” she added.

Meanwhile, the  medical symposium is hosted by LA Kelly Communications (USA) who is an expert in haemophilia education as well the medical specialist from New Zealand not forgetting local medical practitioners, nurses, educators, people with haemophilia and families.