Inauguration Ceremony of Peace Committee in Fiji Held in Cooperation with an International Peace NGO

Caption: Commemorative Photo of participants after the event. Photo: HWPL PRESS.

On February 17th, law experts, religious leaders, youth and women groups, education experts, and journalists of Fiji gathered at the inauguration ceremony of Fiji Peace Committee hosted by an International NGO, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL). At Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) Board Room in Suva, the participants had time to discuss the direction of future improvement of peace activities in Fiji.

Mr. Bhagirati Bhan, representative of University of South Pacific (USP) Hindu Society said ” This is the 4th meeting that I’m attending with the team. From today’s meeting, I feel like we are really moving forward. We had a lot of feedback today from people who know how to do peace activities. Especially I will do peace activities such as holding religious youth peace camp program held by religious leaders to enhance awareness of importance of achieving world peace toward youth in Fiji.”

Father Peter Parlad Kumar who was appointed as chairperson of the Fiji Peace Steering Committee. Photo: HWPL PRESS.

At the event, interfaith dialogue meeting under the topic ‘Discrimination in the name of religion’ was also held celebrating the World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) designated by the UN. Father Peter Parlad Kumar, a priest of Anglican Archdiocese of Fiji, who was appointed as Chairperson of Fiji Peace Committee, said “Scriptures of each religion prohibit religious discrimination and discriminations caused by religions in the world are contrary to the teachings of each religious scripture. That’s why they should be eradicated for world peace.”

Mr. Bhagirati Bhan, a representative from University of South Pacific (USP) Hindu Society stated that “Though we are living in the multi-cultural and multi-relation society but I think ‘tolerance’ is still a bit not well known by most people. So, it will take time and I will try my best to give my contribution in any way to help the HWPL team so that we all move toward to our mission which is to achieve world peace.”