PacificAds Group first real estate classifieds network

PacificAds Group, the leading classifieds network in the Pacific has recently launched real estate classifieds platforms in 4 countries, now covering a population of almost 15 million people.

A few months ago, PacificAds Group soft-launched its operations in 4 Pacific countries (Papua New Guinea, Fiji, East-Timor and Solomon Islands) with low competition in the real estate classifieds websites industry.

Since then, the group’s entities have seen a big traction on both websites and social media, with respectively more than 80,000 visits and also 250,000 people following them. Thus, the company has reached millions of Facebook users in the last days.

All websites are based on the same framework and will evolve simultaneously, considering the local needs and issues. PacificAds Group wants to connect local sellers with local buyers, both individuals and businesses, and increase the volume of sales as well as decreasing commissions and selling times.

With this new launch, this free, quick and safe service is now available for 4 countries in the Pacific: , , ,

PacificAds Group plans to keep on developing its real estate classifieds network in the area, allowing sellers to trade their properties with users from neighbouring countries as well.

About PacificAds Group

PacificAds Group is the first car classifieds platform in the Pacific Area, covering 15 million people in 9 different emerging countries. Backed by international investors with two rounds of funding, the company is pushed by a team of 50+ people with operators and agents in each country as well as a full time in its headquarters in Sydney, Australia.