Viva Pizzeria is back!

The friendly staff members at ZigZag Cafe and Viva Pizzeria at Prouds Downtown Nadi complex.Photo;Motibhai Group Media.

PIZZA lovers will now be able to get a bite of their favourite variety with the re-opening of Viva Pizzeria which captured the attention of locals and tourists alike with its mouth-watering menu at Nadi Airport for the past 11-years.

Established at Fiji’s international gateway since 2004, Viva Pizzeria effectively raised the bar in the country setting a totally new level of experience as far as pizza eateries are concerned.

“We had established Viva Pizzeria at the airport to offer world-class and tasty pizzas to our visitors (tourists) but the word soon spread in the local market and we started getting many customers from all over the country,” Motibhai Group executive director Bhupendra Patel said.

Unfortunately, the popular eatery had to close in 2015 in view of the Nadi International Airport modernization project.

“Due to great public demand, we have brought back Viva Pizzeria for our loyal customers who have been missing out on the taste of our mouth-watering pizzas for the past three-years – but this time at a new location in the heart of Nadi town,” Mr Patel said.

Using fresh ingredients generously spread over all their pizzas, Viva Pizzeria is now open for all pizza lovers to enjoy.

“I wish to welcome everyone to come and have a bite of their favourite pizza at Viva Pizzeria to taste the difference,” Mr Patel said.

Viva Pizzeria is now open to members of the public together with ZigZag Café at Prouds Downtown Nadi complex.

“ZigZag Café and Viva Pizzeria have become well established brands over the years and by bringing the two names together, we have created more variety for our patrons,” Mr Patel said.

The outlet will open seven-days-a-week at convenient times for customers to take advantage of.