Climate Champion Reiterates Need to Strengthen Resilience

Caption: Climate Champion Hon. Inia Seruiratu at 2nd Global Adaptation Network Forum. Photo: COP23.

Fiji’s High Level Climate Champion, Minister IniaSeruiratu, reiterated the need for urgent action in strengthening the resilience of people, our environment, our infrastructure and our economies against the intensifying impacts of climate change at the opening of the 2nd Global Adaptation Network Forum in Abu Dhabi yesterday.

The 2nd Global Adaptation Network Forum addresses some of the most pressing challenges for climate change adaptation and provides an opportunity for decision makers, policy experts and practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences on how to address these challenges.

The Global Adaptation Network Forum is a contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue and will provide inputs to the key questions that the dialogue is addressing: 1) Where are we? 2) Where do we want to go? 3) How do we get there?

In the spirit of Talanoa, the Forum fosters inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue on these questions in the context of climate adaptation and resilience.

The Forum also includes a regional Technical Examination Meeting on Adaptation (TEM-A) as a contribution to the Technical Examination Process on Adaptation (TEP-A) under the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee. The TEM-A will focus on adaptation action that reaches the most vulnerable.

The Forum is organised jointly by UN Environment’s Global Adaptation Network and Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. Holding the Forum in Abu Dhabi provides an opportunity to consider some of the specific challenges in Gulf region, including how to ensure continued access to clean freshwater. The solutions developed in the region can be of relevance in other parts of the world.

“Our changing climate brings with it tough and new challenges across the globe. However, these challenges have in some ways brought the world closer,” said Minister Seruiratu.“Certain challenges that are very new to some regions are challenges that have already been faced for decades, and centuries, in other regions.”

You may obtain a full copy of his speech here: Climate Champion at Global Adaptation Network Forum.