Members of the 27 households that comprise the seaside village of Matamaivere in Namara, Tailevu, are working along-side Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) employees to complete their Rainwater Harvesting Project.

Matamaivere Village lies at the end of a four-kilometre road that turns off Kings Road about 15 kilometres outside Nausori Town

Twenty houses will benefit from the project, as the remainder already have their water tanks in place, according to the Turaga ni Koro of Matamaivere Village, 66 year-old Mr Emosi Waqairavoka.

Tank stands are being built and guttering, downpipes and associated fittings installed and an existing concrete water tank is to be mended.  Guttering has also been installed on the village church roof, where the villagers plan to install a 10,000 litre water tank under their own initiative.

Mataimaivere is one of the villages earmarked in this year’s (2017-2018) Rural Water Scheme Budget.

Mr Waqairavoka said that by the third week of work, there were only the repairs to the concrete tank and the installation of tank stands and guttering at the last two houses to be completed.

“This signifies the large amount of villagers turning out to support the WAF skilled staff. Every week two clans in our village help out with cooking and the men lend a hand to the WAF staff each day. So far, I think we are doing well, despite having to wait for concrete to cure and the delays caused by rain.

“In the past, the 147 men, women and children living in the village used a well for washing and bathing, but have relied on rainwater for drinking and cooking. The villagers are happy after seeing that their tank stands have been erected and their guttering nailed on to their roofs,” said Mr Waqairavoka.