Close to 420 people living in Nasau#2 and Tubarua, Nadi, will soon have a consistent water supply available at the turn of a tap in their homes, following the mains extension works that was carried out by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF).

Nasau#2 and Tubarua is a farming area in Nadi situated 4.5kilometres off Nadi Back Road and is about 10.5 kilometres from Nadi Town.

The area relies on roof catchment, or Rain Water Harvesting, as well as boreholes as their source of water for consumption and daily usage, sources which are not active due to dry weather conditions.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Mr Samanmal Ekanayake said that “the main extension works to Nasau#2 and Tubarua will improve the current infrastructure capacity and sustainability. This project will also enhance the supply of clean and safe water and eliminate the shortage of water during periods of drought.

“The Water Authority of Fiji’s water reticulation system for the Nasau area is fed from Nagado to Nasau Reservoir. The new 200mm intake pipe for the reservoir crosses Nasau 2 road and the two outlet pipes are on the other side, which is in the Nasau area,” said Mr Ekanayake.

Mr Ekanayake said that the work involved the laying of a total of 375 lengths of pipe and  trenching, with proper bedding and backfill material. It also included the installation of an air valve key and a 4inch sluice valve.

According to the WAF DMA supervisor for the area, water carting has taken place here for more than 10 years during times of drought, at an annual cost of around $1,500. The dependence on water carting for their daily water needs will soon be become a thing of the past for the Nasau #2 community.

The project work began on 13th March, last year, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2018, at a cost of $1, 810,108.00.

The issue was raised to the Prime Minister by the Nasau #2 community. They conveyed their problems and in return WAF was tasked to resolve this problem.

Mr Ekanayake said that WAF was committed to providing clean water and sanitation to all Fijians