Sovusovu Village no longer depandant on horse transport

Farmers in Sovusvovu Village in the interior of Rakiraki in the Central Division were successful in growing dalo and yaqona, but until recently, it took horses to help get their produce to market.

Fulton Hogan Highways (FHH), working under the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) to improve road access across the Central, Eastern and Northern Divisions, was contracted to upgrade the 5km Sovusovu Road.

Sovusovu Road runs off Buca Levu Road along the Kings Road to the village, home to over 100 residents, approximately 45km North of Korovou.

Kameli Rakavono the Sovusovu Turaga ni Yavusa said that, for 40 years, the people had lived with poor road conditions.

“Before the upgrading road work began, the road was inaccessible and when it rained the road would be impassable with large potholes filled with water and the surface so muddy that even horses could not use it,” he said.

Mr Rakavono added, “Even though they are still upgrading the road, carriers are starting to access the road.

“Also, the people who buy dalo are already coming in to get it weighed on the side of the road instead of us travelling to Korovou market.”

FHH Korovou Depot Supervisor, Suliasi Lesianavanua, said the FHH work crews have removed high shoulders along the road, cleared drainage and are about to install proper culverts. The road will then be graveled and compacted with a roller.

“This will provide better, safer access to markets, schools and other facilities for the farmers and their families,” said Mr Lesianavanua.