“It was an amazing opportunity to have been given the opportunity to moderate the UN Global Festival Of Action For Sustainable Action”

These were some of the remarks highlighted by law student and President of Ignite4Change, Broderick Mervyn.

The UN Global Festival Of Action For Sustainable Action was a ninety-minute COP23/GIZ Pacific Voices in Unison live event from the capital of Fiji, Suva, to Bonn Germany. The event was following the inspirational stories of their resilience against the effects of climate change shared by the Pacific Voices in Unison at major events at COP23, the youths were invited to share their voices at the Festival.

From left to right – Miss. Anne Dunn and Mr. Broderick Mervyn who are Fiji’s representatives at the GIZ Pacific Voices in Unison Project

People tuned in from around the world experience, inspire and join in the power of resilience through or at from 10-11.30pm Fiji time on March 22, 2018

To save emissions, the live event was broadcast from Suva with voices from Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia represented by Ms Anne Dunn, Mr Kaboua John, Ms Samantha Kwan, Mr Eddy Maliliu, Ms Iulah Pitamama and Mr Broderick Menke with the Chief Guest being the newly appointed Roving Ambassador/High Commissioner, His Excellency Ratu Tui Cavuilati

“The creativity, complexity and charisma of young people completely captivated me. My experience with the delegation affirmed that our work here in the Pacific to preserve and protect the environment is critical even in the face of other pressing issues. The world needs informed sustainability practitioners with global perspectives,” Mervyn said.

Broderick also stated that he wishes to acknowledge the team at COP23/GIZ Pacific Voices in Unison especially to Josephine Prasad, Hanna Sabass and Anne Dunn for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime”

Certificates of Participation were given to the participants.

Source: Ignite4change